What ch'all know about The Drip? Super fresh? Mega funky? Yes, and in your face like frosted cake! Hailing from a realm far beyond Much Pube-age, Neon Leather Drip & The Freshest Crew Fantastic are a super group of award winning athletes from the future. Journeying through space and time with a bombardment of funk force, phallic meats, and oh so sweet and tasty treats, to spread wide the power of funk and food truth throughout the universe. And it tastes Mmm, so fresh!
Neon Leather Drip is part of the AMOD collective, based in CT, and was formed in 2007. They are a self proclaimed theatrical hip-hop and funky electronic dance music act, and they rap and sing about food, sex, and bodily functions.
To date, Neon Leather Drip has recorded three studio albums: Gotz Ta Get Food (2010) - Full Length, Eating For Two (2011) - EP, and most recently, Beef Strokinoff (2015) - Full Length. They have also submitted songs that have been featured on numerous compilations.
The live shows are pretty outrageous, usually involving dancing robots, wild costumes, and food fights. Most notibly, they've written and performed what they've termed as a "hip-hopera" named Beef Shock The Musical. A 2 and 1/2 hour long comedic and theatical performance that tells the origin story of Neon Leather Drip, as he is conceived, born, and forms alliances with who will become the Freshest Crew Fantastic. From there, they set out on an epic journey to find The Amazing Glaze, which is the nectar of The Funk Force, with hopes to spread the funk throughout the universe. You'll meet villians, witness dramatic encounters and bizarre battle scenes, The Drip's death and re-birth, and so on and so forth. Most of The Drip's later performances have been shorter adaptations of the full musical, usually customized for each particular venue, and have changed plots and introduced new story lines, delving deeper into the ever expanding Drip universe.
Neon Leather Drip and The Freshest Crew Fantastic have performed at the following venues: House parties and Banquet Halls across the USA, The Block Island Music Festival in Block Island, RI, CafeNine in New Haven, CT, Rudy's (Now Three Sheets) in New Haven, CT, The New Haven Arts and Music festival, The Space and The Outerspace in Hamden, CT, Sidestreet Bar and Grill in Hamden, CT, Cherry Street Station in Wallingford, CT, The Tap Room in Wallingford, CT, The Radio 104.1 Battle of The Bands @ The Angry Bull Saloon in Hartford, CT, The Heirloom Arts Theater in Danbury, CT, and many more.
Neon Leather Drip is:
Neon Leather Drip aka The Drip, and Rex Morgan MC aka Jacques Custowee aka Walter Crunkite.
The Freshest Crew Fantastic is:
The Zombie Owl, Jesus Isreal aka Dr Rendezvous, Much Pube-age aka Bootleg Schevitz, Papa Chubby aka Chunky Smooth, The Beef Shock Bot, Bobby Tranq, Lady Soft Palette, Gorilla Roomate, and Alex.
Past Member <3:
The Great White Hype, High Yella, James Style, Special K, Aged Cheddar, Shuwanna Melt, and A Small Polish Girl.
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Mar 17, 2016
We have a show in April... check out the events page for details.

Dec 17, 2015
Food Party! At your place! Eat up!
Nov 21, 2015
The site looks and works well on Google Chrome and Safari... Firefox can suck it. Our bandcamp page has been updated, so now if you buy the entire discography, you get 15% off the original asking price of all albums sold individually. Neat, huh?